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New Site

For a while now I have been meaning to take more direct control of my website. I’ve never been entirely satisfied with using services like Tumblr or postach.io for hosting my site despite the conveniences that they offer. I was especially enamored with postach.io due to the unique way it loaded content from Evernote. However, in the end, the limitations of all of these systems got to me.

So now I’m hosting my site, which hardly has a purpose anyway, on GitHub pages. This essentially allows me to put whatever content up I want without being restricted by the built in rendering support and media support of the site, to a certain degree. It’s much more like old school static file hosting, which is fine for me. On top of the static hosting, GitHub offers support for the Jekyll site engine, which amounts to a parser to generate a baked website.

I’m not sure that any more useful or interesting content will appear here, but, at least I know I can stick up a random experimental HTML file or something when I feel like it.

Oh, and it’s free.