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MacBook: A Fond Farewell

Despite being rather pleased with my MacBook, it had to go.

See, sometimes we find the right tools to fit our needs. It’s rare, but, it happens. It happened for me with the new MacBook. I was quite happy. Then my needs changed.

At work, let’s say that things are rather inconsistent lately. The company is making many changes in its strategies and doing so quite frequently lately. I’ve been assigned to a new project without even being asked if I was interested or considering whether I was an appropriate candidate even.

And this is what happens when you make plans. They get fucked up. The MacBook worked great for me thanks to the particular sort of work I was doing and the paritcular tools I was using to do it. Now I’m stuck hacking away on C# code, a dead-end language that has no complete tooling for any platform besides Windows. Though there is some hope for tooling in the future that doesn’t require a dead-end OS, it’s nothing even remotely close to usable for this project. This project targets Windows Azure cloud services and nothing Microsoft has released for the Mac can deal with it yet.

So here we are, perfectly happy with our just-barely-fast-enough tiny roadster of a computer and suddenly I’m forced to heavy lift a junk box of bad design and wasted efforts. The only way I can tolerably work on this project is with an emulator for Windows. I tried doing this on the MacBook and it’s just not okay. It’s too slow. It works, technically, but, everything is intolerably lagged.

I feel angry about this.

But, I must be pragmatic. I have wanted to work on a cloud-based project for some time. This is an opportunity to do that. Not all of the project is C#. Some of it is PIG/Hive/Hadoop/etc. and that’s worth my time. So I stick with it for now. In doing so, I must accept that the MacBook had to go. I sold it. Took a loss there, really, and am trying not to think about it. But, it would be an even larger loss to keep something I no longer had a use for.

I’ll miss it. It was beautful engineering and it was exactly what I needed, but, no longer what I need. The search continues.