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Who I am is what I do, and perhaps to a lesser degree what I say.

Less abstractly, I am a man living in the United States of America.

What I Do

I am autodidactic to the extent it might be considered a philosophy or faith. I taught myself nearly everything I know that is important to what I do professionally and what I pursue personally.

I am also a scientifically inclined father and husband who enjoys the amateur pursuit of photography from time to time. I am enthusiastic about music, art, and literature, but, not to the extent that you are likely to see me say much about it here. I find such topics are better saved for more personal venues.

In the last two years, I've rekindled my love for cycling. While I certainly appreciate its physical benefits, it is something I do as a form of meditation.

I have been known to obsess over technology, design, and, most recently, wine.

Professionally, I make software. I make computers do things that are—hopefully—useful and interesting. For over 10 years I have worked in the education industry. I mainly work behind the scenes with software that enables learning institutions in various ways. Most recently, I am involved in projects with goals to enhance ongoing assessment of student performance. Essentially, the projects I work on aim to help teachers—and the students themselves—become more aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are on an ongoing basis. These tools may also be used to provide suggested courses of action for further study and, when necessary, remedial effect.

How I May Be Contacted

The best way to initiate contact with me is by way of @reply on Twitter. You will find a link to my Twitter account at the top of the page. Alternatively, I may be reached by email.